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for some people...

small, beautiful events is what life is all about!

7 November 1984
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Forget about me. I'm not important.
These guys are what's important.



Many thanks to dreamgazed for the graphics.

Need more convincing of the UNDENIABLE love? Okay.

Ben Edlund owns my soul

All credit to ablazing-eyes for the pretty.

Now if you still care:
My name is Holly.
I am a goldfish.

a) A person/persons known to display contradictory tendencies.
b) An orange freshwater fish. aka. "a fish of contradiction"
For further explaination please see here.

A "Holly" can also be described as:
-an English Lit Graduate.
-a bookseller
-a sci-fi/fantasy fan.
-a geek with glasses.
-a moose.
-a Doctor Who obsessive.
-a would-be Fifth Doctor companion.
-a convert to the new Battlestar Galactica.
-a member of the Gaius Baltar harem.
-a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan.
-a Warren Mears sympathiser.
-an Andrew Wells supporter.
-a Jonathan Levison mourner.
-a Harry Potter series reader.
-a believer in Severus Snape.
-a Ron/Hermione shipper.
-a fan of pirates and sword fights.
-a Captain Jack Sparrow fangirl.
-a woman seduced by the Phantom of the Opera
-a part-time Charmed watcher
-a Phoebe/Cole dreamer
-a Farscape scaper
-a Stark/Zhaan Zhipper
-an ex-Smallville fan
-a Clex shipper.
-a willing victim of Dexter.
-a Supernatural backseat driver.
-a Dean/Castiel worshipper.
-a rememberer of Dangermouse; he's astounding!
-a girl who knows not to open that Trap Door
-a poor spellar, and yet still a fanfic writer.
-a plant.

...to name but a few things that are relevant.

A masterlist of my fanfic and other fannish creations can be found here. Comments, criticism and cookies always welcome :)

You can also find me on Tumblr if you are so inclined.


dean/cas header

i.e. The truth? It's out there. Not in here.

This is a journal for squee and ranting and fiction with the occassional, occassional, RL interruption.
Please try not to take any of it seriously, EVEN IF I EXPLICITLY TELL YOU TO. Thank you.

My awesome layout was created by toledan_night. Much <3
The Dean/Castiel 'warning' manip above was made by the talented dorkmode

And finally


credit meg_tdj ILU